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Buyers vs Sellers...what's your focus?  One can pay you $2500 per hour and the other can pay $238


We did a study with a group of agents to find out how much time was being spent with buyers vs sellers.  We knew that buyers took more time but the results were UNBELIEVABLE!


The average amount of the agent’s time it took to close a buyer deal :  21 HOURS!!!

The average amount of the agent’s time it took to close a seller deal : 2 HOURS!!!  


Now, we did not need any more reasons to focus on sellers vs. buyers,  but a ton of our clients did need more breakdown because they had become ADDICTED to buyer leads.  We’ve met people spending up to $60k per month…...PER MONTH on buyer lead gen.


Now, the only reason that person is doing $60k a month is because they have a giant team of agents. They just try to throw as much against the wall to see what sticks.  They don’t care how much of that agent’s time it takes because it’s not their time they are sacrificing.


Most agents are not in that situation.  Most agents want to optimize and maximize every dollar they spend.  Which is why we spent over a year testing some theories out in our brokerage in Dallas.  We spent every dime of our budget on SELLER LEAD GEN. That means $0 for the entire year on buyer lead gen….


The Results:   268 Closed deals, 169 Sellers and 99 buyers


We closed nearly 10 buyer deals each month ONLY BECAUSE WE CONTROLLED THE LISTINGS and buyers were coming to us!

Now, the question to ask yourself...if this is going to be your career, if this is what you are going to spend more time doing then with your family for the foreseeable future, are you going to just take any clients?  Or are you going to get strategic and take back control of your business and life and focus on how to get more listings?

We are calling out all of those agents that want CONTROL of how much they are going to work or spend time doing what they want, when they want and with whom they want.

If you want to draw a line in the sand and say "I'm going to go from whatever business comes my way" to "I'm going to dominate listings in my area!"....then you are on your way to becoming a #MARKETMAKER.  

If you are sick and tired of missing family birthday parties or other events because you are doing another agent's open house and ready to take action to make sure that never happens again...then you are on your way to becoming a #MARKETMAKER.  

If you are done being a taxi and driving buyers all over the place just to have them not buy anything, and you are ready to do something about it...then you are on your way to becoming a #MARKETMAKER.  

A #MARKETMAKER is an agent who controls their business and doesn't work for their business but has their business work for them.

A #MARKETMAKER operates strategically so they maximize every minute that they are away from their family so the can get the highest RETURN ON TIME.

A #MARKETMAKER is coachable and is always looking to grow and get better so they can stay ahead of the ever changing game we all decided to play called "Real Estate."

A #MARKETMAKER focuses on adding value and in turn, simply attracts business from their community.

A #MARKETMAKER knows their is fortune in the follow up and is smart enough to know that they will not do it perfectly every time so they leverage to gain massive efficiencies through technology.

A #MARKETMAKER simply enough generates listing leads at will, puts time back in their day, and closes more business with less effort working smarter.


If this resonates with you, we would love to continue to add as much value to you as possible.  If you haven't already, please subscribe to the blog. We will be sending out all kinds of downloads, scripts, tips, tools and tricks to help you grow your business.  

Real estate can be a tough path to navigate and we would love to help.  

We would never attempt to climb Mt. Everest without a Sherpa, especially if we had never climbed it don't be a hero.  Be coachable. Get help from people that have been where you want to go. We have grown 1000's of real estate businesses past 100 transactions annually including our own, so we would be delighted to help anyway we can.

21 hours vs. 2 hours.....which are you going to focus on?  Assuming a $5k commission on the sale, that is either $238 per hour work or $2500 per hour work....


This post was originally published by Market Maker Leads.